Art Finds Friday - October 29, 2010


I have been lugging around my rather large 50D camera and 28-135mm lens for  sometime now. I can get fab shots with it. But you know with a wriggling almost toddler it has become too cumbersome. I recently found myself leaving my camera at home so as not to handle both Max and a large camera. Then I get upset at all the shots I am missing. Not so much the arty shots, but more so the recording shots, the life shots, ones that generally don't make it onto this blog. More the type of photos I would post to Facebook, if I had time to do Facebook!

Finally, when I was exploring old photos on my external hard drive I found many old everyday shots I have of my kids when they were younger. I can't get enough of them. So I broke down and bought a point and shoot camera!
me & my new point and shoot at Academy sports shop
 It has a wide angle lens, which I don't know if I like, so while I may exchange this model I am enjoying having this option to capture shots like this:


Cowboy Junkies 'I Cannot Sit Sadly by Your Side'

I have always loved slow sad music. Full of mood.

Lisa of She's Sew Dottie has a lovely new blog that shows off her sewing projects worn by her beautiful children. I like this site because she seems to be all about Artistic Mother things - creating and children. She has a good refresher post on taking photos with kids, we can never be reminded too many times.


Do as I say, not as I do! I do not take good care of my brushes. I often abuse them by leaving them in paint filled water, bristles down. I use them for glue and then the bristles stick together and they end up in the trash. Oh, so bad. Fortunately my brushes are not $10 a piece. No, I buy the value packs at Hobby Lobby or Walmart. There you can get a packet of 25 various size brushes for $4.99. For mixed media and craft paints that is the way to go.


  1. Fun photos, Shona. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Gosh, I love the slow sad songs, too. Love the pics!

  3. Oh thank you for sharing! I love the fact that you use the economy pack. (I have the same exact pack unopened in my closet right now!)

    What do you use to bind your little notebooks? Enjoy your new little point and shot camera and all your lovelies!

  4. I did the same thing about cameras, and I love my little one for on the go. Have fun with your new little friend!
    I too am not nice to my brushes. I need to start buying my brushes in a value pack also. Thanks Shona,
    I like your new format.

  5. Wonderful finds! Thanks for sharing. I also love moody music. ;)

  6. gretchen10:30 AM

    I too, have done the same re: downsizing cameras; I was missing too many shots because although I carry my large super zoom with me always (which is a panasonic by the way), it was heavy, bulky and took too long to retrieve it from my back pack especially when walking in the colder wintry months. I read this post with great interest as I am in your EXACT dilemma- I purchased the exact panasonic lumix as yours last week (even got the blue one!) but am still not 100% sure of my choice to the degree that last night, after even more research, I purchased another brand/camera and will be doing a side by side comparison shoot-out this afternoon. I will be happy to email you my findings and verdict in the next day or two if you wish.
    ~ gretchen

  7. thanks everyone :) it seems there are lots of us doing/liking similar things.

    Gretchen, that would be wonderful. I just don't know if I can get use the the bowed look of the wide angle lens. It is fun to have, but I wonder would I wish I could go back. I would love to see comparisons.

  8. This is such a fun post! I love seeing and hearing about all these great finds! Your brushes look just like mine... well loved! :)

  9. Fun post! I love well used, messy brushes. I buy them cheap, and use them well!

    I still haven't gone to using a little point and shoot, but unlike many, I LOVE wide angle lenses, and am now wondering if that would make a good purse camera for me!

    I love hearing everyones thoughts. So fun!

  10. I often have my point and shoot camera with me because I don't want to carry the big DSLR. The point and shoot even has a zoom which is nice and comes in handy.
    I, too, love the Cowboy Junkies! I actually got to know their music through YOU when you still had a playlist on your blog and one song was from their Pale Sun Crescent Moon album. I now own the CD and LOVE it!

  11. Your kids are so cute. I can almost hear their giggles. Hope their Halloween is FUN!


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