Art Finds Friday - October 15, 2010


I have joined an online group called Mortal Muses. There are 9 leaders or muses and they post challenges each week in their main site and then group members can upload themed photos to the Mortal Muses Flickr group. There is also an ongoing theme of 'Everyday Beauty' which has it's own Flickr group. I am still getting a feel for it, but it resembles Shutter Sisters. There are a lot of productive, creative women out there taking some fine shots!
Everyday Beauty


ATCs I made with the Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints

Product: Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints
- Altered orange
- Purple palette
- Modern red
- Blank Canvas
Pros: Lovely creamy paints, covers well, vibrant colors. I love dipping the brush into the open jar rather than having to squeeze the paint out onto a palette. I am so glad I bought these, I think I will get some more colors.
Cons: more expensive than cheap-o craft paint (but you pay for what you get, ie this paint is better quality), the paint seems to dry even faster than craft paints (and I live in a super humid climate where nothing dries!)

Where to buy them? Stampington & Co.  and Micheals art and hobby store in the US.


I discovered the blog Mama Without Borders when visiting some of the folks who are listed on my sidebar as 'followers'. Minerva used to be a journalist and is now a stay at home mom to 2 lovely kids and she blogs about "about creating a beautiful home with finds from around the world that reflect a love for the arts, crafts and crafting, handmade goods, and vintage treasures". Her blog is full of lovely rooms and inspiration. My favorite is the 'children's nook' section. Take a look!


Balsa wood ornaments!

I made these balsa wood ornaments using the background papers I made on my first video tutorial.

Next week on Workshop Wednesday come back to watch a 5 minute video of me making this ornament!


  1. Such sweet pictures of bath time. Those are precious moments. I love that your pictures are always of your children. It always makes me think of my own children and how I am so thankful for them, and then I think about how I want to be an even better mommy. Thank you for sharing your love and tips for being a great mom.

    Those paints you used for your atc's are super gorgeous. Makes me want to spend the extra money to get some so I can get that same result. Your Art Finds Friday is such a great idea because I am always curious what products you use for your art. What a great way to find out.

    Tour balsa wood ornament is so pretty. I'm really looking forward to your video about how you made it next week. I really appreciate you taking the time to make these videos. They are really helpful. Thanks for all you do. You have a great blog.

  2. hey shona!
    thanks for the comment you left me the other day. i finally ploughed through all that work. off on hols to california soon!
    i love the mortal muses flickr groups and blogs too! hoping to do a "where i live: dublin, ireland" post for their "more musing" blog when i get back from our hols :)
    love your new-look blog sho -talk about organised! good on ya. thanks for sharing so much great inspiration!

  3. Lovely, Shona! I've joined Mortal Muses as well, I just love their blog. Yes, seems to be similar to Shutter Sisters.
    Thanks for talking about CH's paints - I was wondering about them. Like you, I prefer to dip my brush into the paint. I'll try them out!
    Thanks for sharing - those ornaments are beautiful.

  4. I love going on trips to see who my followers are too and then hopping over to visit people that post for example on your blog! I guess I just like meeting people! Hmm... who shall I visit next - Carola, Vanessa or Trudy...??
    Have a great weekend Shona

  5. Shona, Wow, what a wonderful surprise to see you came to visit my blog and thought enough of it to mention it on yours. You made my day! I am a fan of your work and loving your blog, which I discovered through BYW. It was a pleasant surprise because I then remembered seeing your book at the bookstore, spending some time with it, and passing on it only because I am trying very hard not to buy any more books due to a tight budget.

    Since becoming a mom, I have been exploring ways to express my creativity, through decorating my home (easy), my blog (semi-easy) and writing fiction/non-fiction on the side (not so easy!) so your blog and writings are definitely sources of inspiration for me.

    Thank you again and have a great weekend.

  6. Lovely post, pictures, poetry as always ~ love those ornaments!

  7. look at those chunkas just wanna squeeze cute...i have trouble getting ocal craft shop sells it,,,will go to our big bunnings hardware store to see if its there...thanks for coming by my blog and taking the time to comment...its greaty are your kind words about my little

  8. Hi Shona, This is a great post! I love the information about the supplies. That helps those of us who want to get started but don't know what to use.

    Your photos are darling!! I just want to give Max a big hug when I see him. Such a memory of my little boys' bath time. Of course, they are little no more and I'm not allowed anywheres NEAR the bathroom if they are in it--and wouldn't want to be-Ha!

    BTW, I'm doing a quilted totebag giveaway to celebrate my first blogiversary. I mentioned both you and Trudy because without you guys--I wouldn't have made it.

    Two winners will get to pick out which pieced quilt block they want on their bag. I would be so happy if you would enter! I know you bought bags for all the kids from me, but I'd love to do one for YOU! The blocks have fall colors in them and I think you would love them.

    Love you,
    Donna @ Comin' Home

  9. Thank you all for leaving such thoughtful comments.

    Mandy, sorry you are having a hard time finding balsa wood. I wonder if there is anyone in AUS who sells it online... You can buy these scrap packs here of different size wood.

    Wrightstuff, yeah I do that too... I find fun folks to visit from the comment boxes on blogs! At least you know they are friendly folks Commenting really helps build community.

  10. Love the ideas and people to visit you suggested! I will be busy for a while! Love the balsa wood ornaments!

  11. Love your blog as always! Thanks...
    my favorite thing...probably maybe mixed media, how bout mixed media with photography!


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