One thing I love about being a mom

One thing I love about being a mom is that I can make a human being happy and comfortable.

When Maximus is upset he looks for me. I can cuddle him and make it all better. When he is tired he looks for me. I can scoop him up and put him for a nap. When he is hungry he cries for me. I can nurse him. And then he smiles. He smiles and is comforted and happy. And I did that!


The lyrics of his life
were written in silence
before the first sand fell
before the dream began

Born with his mouth wide
the scream releasing his need

I am his mother, so I hear
I hear it first
I orient my face
follow the sound
take the right steps
knowing always the formula,
fine and frayed

We are frozen in this time
dancing every day
just to feel the shift of the earth,
of the world beyond ours.


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