One thing I love about being a mom

One thing I love about being a mom is that I can make a human being happy and comfortable.

When Maximus is upset he looks for me. I can cuddle him and make it all better. When he is tired he looks for me. I can scoop him up and put him for a nap. When he is hungry he cries for me. I can nurse him. And then he smiles. He smiles and is comforted and happy. And I did that!


The lyrics of his life
were written in silence
before the first sand fell
before the dream began

Born with his mouth wide
the scream releasing his need

I am his mother, so I hear
I hear it first
I orient my face
follow the sound
take the right steps
knowing always the formula,
fine and frayed

We are frozen in this time
dancing every day
just to feel the shift of the earth,
of the world beyond ours.


  1. It is a wonderful feeling to know just how vital we are to our little one's comfort, happiness and very survival.

  2. I think the first photo is priceless. My children were thumbsuckers and to me that is too darn cute. What a beautiful child.

  3. You "spoke" the thoughts and reality of all good mothers beautifully!
    Thank you for such wonderfully composed post and the joy and trust for life that generates...

  4. What a lovely, lovely post.

  5. I always have these same thoughts, yet you say them so beautifully. The bond a nursling and his mother have is stronger than anything I've ever known. It blows my mind sometimes, and what peace this brings that we give this to our young.

  6. Now I know what I want to blog about today. Thanks! Lovely...

  7. You sent me back to a wonderful place. Thank you.

  8. I was drawn to your blog by your book that LEAPED into my buggy at Hobby Lobby today. I am moved to tears. That has never happened to me in blogland! My kiddos are 11 and 15. You have reminded me what joy they bring. I have neglected to stop and smell the roses. (Watch them sleeping, kiss them goodnight, enjoy peewee football cheerleading rather than loathe it...)
    I feel a sense of urgency suddenly. Urgency to make up for lost time.
    Thank You! No, REALLY, I mean it! (Off now to tuck my almost grown babies in bed... then practice a little poetry :)

  9. thank you ladies, thank you for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed the post.

    Micah, thank you for buying my book and I am beyond delighted to hear you feel encouraged to smell the beautiful roses that are the moments of your children's life. it is never too late. And we all need the reminder to do that. myself included.

  10. so adorable! thank you for sharing the smiles :)


  11. Anonymous4:39 PM


    You are the man!



  12. Anonymous6:49 AM

    It is one of the best parts of being a mommie. Having that magical power to sooth and console and being sought out above all others. A wonderful gift in this world of Motherhood. Big hug Max!


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