Art Finds Friday - November 12, 2010


I met Mindy from the Wishstudio last week in San Antonio and it was so fun to put a face and live personality to all of our online interaction. I thought 'you know I could meet more fellow bloggers and like minds', so I am going to get the ball rolling!

I would like to invite bloggers who live in the Houston and North Houston area to come to a Blogger Meet Up. 

Why not join me?

Visit this blog post for the details and to leave a comment specifically about this meet up. 


We had a music concert at our house the other week. Marcus Mucha, Shannon's husband sang a number of his latest original songs. He performed five that day, this one, 'Nails' was my favorite. I filmed it with my new camera, without a tripod, so forgive me for the terrible camera work. Just enjoy the music.

Nails from Shona Cole on Vimeo.

This week I have enjoyed visiting the blog of Sloane, Sunny's Smile. Her blog has few words, but many snapshots of her life as a creative mama. I love the straightforward simplicity of her vision. Her blog nails her purpose "This is the blog of a creative mama who seeks to capture beauty and inspiration in everyday moments." Sloane also shares her mixed media designs on her new art blog Sunny's Smile Design. I love her blog banner!

4) GIVEAWAY - winner
The results are in: For visitors to this blog space mixed media is overwhelmingly the favorite art form:
Mixed Media 29
Photography 17
Poetry 4

Interestingly many noted that mixed media is so great because it can include both photography and poetic words. I second that. I like how Shelley of Single Stone Studio put it "For me everything is rooted in mixed media - it might contain photos or poetry but the roots are always mixed media. I love paints and papers and fabrics. I love building layers and talking to God while I create. It's always a time when I get quiet and he speaks. It's why I create."
Well, there can only be one winner of Liz Lamorex's book 'Inner Excavations' and that is....

Elizabeth C of A Creative Beginning

Congrats. Let's talk via email, I will get your physical address and get your book in the mail.


An Etsy Store! Yep, I opened 'The Artistic Mother' Etsy store.

I thought about Christmas coming and gift giving and thought that the perfect gift for The Artistic Mother would be my book and some supplies to get her going. So I put together some craft kits:

1) Kits for making the paper bag card, which is the project on p117 in my book.
2) Kits for making the balsa wood 'Butterfly Reminder', which is the project on p87.
3) Basic supply kits
You can buy the kits alone (not the basic kit, yet) or the kit plus a signed copy of my book.

So if you are looking for an inspiring crafty gift for your sister, new mother or best friend please consider visiting my brand new store!

Alternatively, buy a copy of my book (cheaper) on Amazon, go to your local craft supply store and purchase some of the 'Essential Tool Kit' listed on p67 of the book. If you want I can send you a signed sticker to place inside the cover of the book, it is the next best thing to having a truly signed copy of a book! Email me and I will mail you one, no charge to you at all. 

I am telling you, having the right supplies on hand makes creating so much easier. That is especially true for the busy mother.


I was a 'character' model for Shannon Mucha's narrative art three times these past few weeks. You may remember I blogged about it here. Well, Shannon has posted some of the photos on her Flickr. Here is her finished narrative, you can scroll up and down for other images in this brilliant series. Thanks Shannon for letting me be a part of your art, me and my kids are looking forward to the next shoot!


  1. Shona, I am SO excited! As with so many things, winning this giveaway came just when I needed it most. Your generosity has put a big smile on my face and bounciness in my heart! Thank you *so much*.

  2. Just found your blog, enjoying reading it. Warmly, Karen

  3. Wow. How cool of you to use my comment in this post. That was fun to stumble upon today :)

  4. oh, I always get so excited to check you blog mon, wed, and fri! I get all giddy inside, like I am opening a little present! :D

    I wanted to share a little post on my blog with you. I had a great little workshop this past week. 9 other women in my little home making a big mixed media mess! I posted my two new projects, and I was just wanting to share with you, my artistic mother muse! (I hope you don't mind me asking!)

    Can't wait till Monday!

  5. How fun to throw a concert event! Great song. Glad to see you on Etsy as well. Congrats.

  6. Enjoyed your post.

  7. thanks all! glad my Art Finds Friday posts are finding some interested ears/eyes/minds, it makes it all worth it.

  8. JUst found your blog! LOVE it! I am now following you!
    Will be back soon!

  9. Sure wish I lived in Houston!

    You've been busy! The new Etsy shop is a great idea. I hope it's a big success.

    Congrats to Elizabeth C!
    xo jj

  10. Thanks again for your kind words. =)


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