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Beautiful, feminine, story filled, layered photography. Vanessa Ho Fine Art Photography. Thanks for the link Shannon.

Necklace by Alyssabeth
Alyssabeth just recently signed up to be a part of this blog. I visited her blog and it is full of lovely feminine, shabby chic, mixed media treasures. She has listed lots of handmade Christmas things recently, being the season and all that. Worth a look.

While I was visiting her I saw a post about this necklace. She was selling it on her Etsy site. Now she is not, as I bought it! A Christmas gift for myself! How decadent.


I love watching Roben-Marie Smith's workshop videos. They are more than just a workshop, how to do this or that, they show her creative mind at work. Roben-Marie leaves little out, you see in fast motion the whole project from start to end, it is like you are watching her hands think, especially in this video! Her videos are generally over 10 minutes in length, so it is best to choose a time when you have a cup of tea and want to just enjoy watching someone else's creative process. My girls like to watch her videos with me. I find it soothing to watch her work. Her latest one, sewing a gift bag, is over on her Vimeo channel here.

She inspired me to sew on paper again! I needed to make some gift bags for the girls and this was perfect. I used an old skirt of theirs to make these bags:

Scrap fabric gift bags inspired by Roben-Marie Smith, beanie baby bear prop courtesy of my 6 year old daughter

Before I could get them filled and on the tree Laura & Lily took them outside to add to their fairy house that they were building, so I don't know if they will make it back inside the house to act as gift bags!

I am off today (Friday) to help set up for Michelle and Anthony Lopez's wedding, a young couple at our church (if you follow that link to the photo - my husband gave Anthony the hat as a man to man wedding gift!). Shannon Mucha did an awesome job on their engagement shots see here, here and here for some of my favorites.
It is a DIY wedding - everything is handmade and very 'them'. The colors are brown, green and yellow. I will take pics of everything and post them, it is going to be unusual and beautiful. 
I am assisting Shannon as she photographs the wedding. I am in charge of photographing things and guests and then holding the clip board as Shannon photographs the family groups.
My Lily, 8, is the flower girl in the wedding which is on Saturday, she is going to be beautiful in her white satin dress, brown sash with yellow flower. Shannon made the flower girl basket - it is wicker with a plume of feathers and a wooden flower. I added green velvet flowers to lily's white shoes in keeping with the nature theme. What an honor for her to be a part of it.


  1. This necklace is gorgeous!!! oh, and how I love turning scraps into lovely pieces! ...and this wedding sounds like a dream. I can't wait to see some pictures. What a beautiful couple!

  2. Shona...this fairy house and the photos are AMAZING! I love to see creative kids in action and the ecclectic mixtures is precious. I adore this!

  3. I watched a few of Roben-Marie's videos. They were very interesting. Matthew, age 2, watched them with me. He was intrigued. When I enlarged the photos of the bags you made, he gasped. He said they were pretty. He especially liked the flower.

    How fun that your girls are making a fairy house, so creative. What a magical world they live in.

    Thanks again for sharing your life with us. It is very inspiring.

  4. Thinking my kids need to come get some fairy house building lessons.

    I can't wait to see the wedding tomorrow. And then really can't wait to see how you and Shannon capture it. It really is going to be magical!!!!

  5. So many wonderful things and blogs to check out. Thanks so much.

    The Fairy houses are fabulous and so magical for the girls.

    And isn't it nice to hear about a wedding that's actually about the Bride and Groom :-) Have a wonderful time and best wedding wishes to them.

    Cheers, jj

  6. I love how your daughters' imagination an creativity build treasures like this fairy house. It looks awesome!

    And this wedding sound like a dream.

  7. Your bags are just beautiful! I love the assortment of fabrics and the flowers are a nice touch!


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