Before and After Children - a visual description

 He is my world's eclipse.

The world before children

The world with children


And one more reason I homeschool my children - read this short poem by W.D. Ehrhart 'Sins of the father'.

Sigh. My heart breaks.


  1. Lovin' the pics. And that link? Ouch.

  2. Oh how I wish I could homeschool... You're one lucky mama.

    The best thing about the picture (besides the adorable little guy in it) is that it fits perfectly the theme. Life after kids is so much fuller and not always in focus. (^_^)

    I love your posts.

  3. This is a major reason why I homeschool as well.

    I remember tauntings growing up. I was that child, the one that they made names for. The hurt is deep, and it lingers. I hope so much to protect my children from that as much as possible. I know we can't protect them from everything, but it doesn't hurt to try.

  4. Ohhh, yeah, that was painful. But important. Thank you for sharing - and your photo journalism here is stunning (as always) - beautiful work Shona, xoxo

  5. now this is a fantastic use of those shots where a munchkin 'pops in' for a visit! love this shona!

    @i.ikeda, 'Life after kids is so much fuller and not always in focus.' YES! this sentiment!

    as for the IS heart breaking and one of the many contributors of why i wanted to homeschool my crew. but i have come at it from the perspective of training my child not to be the bully. i think often of the proverb that says 'a child left to himself brings his mother to shame.' children need someone guiding them on how to treat other children. it seems default behaviour to pick on the one who is perceived as different. i hope that by having loads of input into their character that i can cast a vision for '...what is good: To act justly, love mercy, walk humbly..." micah 6:8

    sorry to ramble. can't wait to see you and the other ladies in a few short days.

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  7. Touching poem... I remember those years in high school trying to fit in, and working summer jobs so I could afford $75 designer jeans that the "popular" girls had. There was this one girl that did her own thing: Shopped at thrift stores and threw together the most unique outfits. She had such air of self-confidence. I don't know if other kids tormented her about her different look, but she carried on like she prefers to be different. I secretly admired her, and wished I wouldn't feel this peer pressure to conform.
    How do we as mothers instill THAT sense of self-confidence in our children?

  8. I do wish I could home school too for that very reason...heartbreaking.
    Your photos are a perfect visual of your message!

  9. Shona..that poem describes my entire childhood in a nutshell. No seat on the bus for me. I stood all the way. No one would let me sit down. I was too 'poor' and weird. I wrote poetry for years and loved life inspite of the abuse of my father. But I had few friends at school. My clothes were ugly and my socks were worn out. That is all anyone cared about.

    I was so glad that in college people valued for what you did and who you are not how much money you have. It was such a relief! If only I could have stayed at home and studied. I loved school..and the teachers..but the kids were cruel.

    Thanks for that reminder.


  10. sweet and lovely those pics of yours...


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