Part of life that was forgotten
in envelopes, mailed a distance
or boxes wrapped with plastic
taped and quietly waiting

found on an empty day
spent looking for art,
scratching the surface
for some meaning
for these grey clouds to part

and in a final triumph
December's loom weaves
and my family's yesterday
comes bearing forward
to my waiting arms

eager but yet poised

Shona Cole


  1. Beautiful.

    Although I am grateful for the convenience and speed of email, many times I wish we sent more letters now. What will we leave our children and our children's children to find? Digital information only? I know that's not all we'll leave, but I DO wish we could leave letters to be found and treasured.

  2. Beautiful Shona!

    I nearly didn't post what I posted today...until I visited you here over my morning coffee. Last night I wrote my first poem since high school and have posted it. I feel a bit insane to have done so...but I've gotta start somewhere. Anyway, THIS poem, this pairing with your photo, it is lovely.

    Can't wait to see you and the other ladies next week at the meet up!

  3. ikeda, you are so right about that, I have a huge pile of family letter and photos to go through, things that would have been forgotten without them. I have recently been printing out photos at Walmart so at least I will have hardcopies of my thousands of digital photos and printing copies of my poems so there is a paper record.

    Amy, that is so exiting to hear you are back writing poetry. as you say, you gotta start somewhere. I read somewhere that in order to get to the good poems you need to get the bad ones out of your head first!

  4. excellent Shona. I still read a poem a day thanks to your input in the arty mum book

    want to thank you for setting up the collage blog as I have just checked the stats on my blog and have a lot of visitors from there.


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