Where I will be today

Huntsville State Park, which looks like the Fall has never passed, for the wedding of two of the loveliest people, I mentioned in my blog yesterday, Michelle and Anthony. 

L for Lopez... and Love

Some handcrafted decorations made by Vickie and Molly, Michelle's sisters

I was there yesterday to help set up the wedding. But due to my little guy's constant need for movement and attention I couldn't help as much as I would have liked. Fortunately, Michelle has some very talented sisters and friends & devoted family who spent the day decorating the lodge where the ceremony will take place.

Today it is all about Michelle. And Anthony of course!

I snapped these at the rehearsal Friday night. I realized I need a tripod, so when we do it for real today my photos will have more clarity. Thankfully I am only the assistant photographer, I am doing the grooms pre-wedding shots and the guests, Shannon Mucha everything else (plus hair and make up!!). I don't think I could handle the burden of all the formals. It is a lot of work to remember all the shots, I have a new level of respect for wedding photographers!

Michelle and her father rehearsing their entrance

and it is a big day for Lily as the flower girl, Zeb, Shannon's son, as the ring bearer.... I can't wait to share photos of her dress and Zeb's suit!
Lily and Zeb rehearsing their departure from the wedding

This is what I am spending my art time on today. But Sunday I will start working on some pieces for CRESCENDOh as I received my CRESCENDOh stamps in the mail! Yeah! I had just cleaned up my craft table, but I guess I am going to get it all messy again.


  1. Looks like it going to be beautiful.

  2. I love that part--getting a clean desk all freshly messy!

  3. I'm sure it will be wonderful! How sweet that your children will be in the wedding.



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  5. yes it was a beautiful wedding. Shannon has already posted some photos she got. Worth a look -

    I got about 1000 photos, some of the doing the hair, but mainly of the grooms and his family and the groomsmen. I did some guests, but snapshots, nothing I would post anywhere!

    I can tell you now - I have even more respect for wedding photographers! Gotta be able to think on your feet. Not my strong suit for sure.


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