Workshop Wednesday - Inchie Gift Tags

As part of my December commitment to making art every day I am working with some old photos and documents from my dad's side of the family. I have a few ideas in the works, but out of that effort came something functional - inchie gift tags.

I was so lifted up by the comments left for me on my last post that I feel better about things (thank you folks), and so thought I would go ahead a stick with my blog schedule and share my process of making these quick and simple gift tags.

I have a whole section on working with inchies in my book, The Artistic Mother, starting on p115.

Cardstock - various shades of while, cream and beige
Scanner, printer (printer ink of course)
One inch hole punch
Glue stick
Scissors or paper trimmer
Hole punch
Personal vintage photos



Gesso the middle of a piece of old book paper. Dry really well with a craft heat tool.

STEP 2 (optional) 

Write a poem on the gesso with ink.

STEP 3. 

Choose some vintage photos and documents to compliment your poem.


Scan your images in to your computer. Crop and re-size as needed.


 Lay your images out in Word together.

Print your images onto cardstock.


STEP 1. (the only step in this section!)

 Use an inch square punch to punch out 'inchies' from the images you printed. I like to use my own photos and poems so that the art work is really mine. TIP: I turn my hole punch upside down so I can see what I am punching.

NOTE. If you don't want to create your own backgrounds specifically for this project, you can join in at this point and use whatever you have on your craft table to make the inchies:
~ Your kid's art
~ Scrapbook paper
~ Catalogs, newspapers, old books
~ Your own printed photos
~ Pages from your journal
~ Some of your 'failed' paintings
~ Doodles
~ Wrapping paper
~ Old Christmas cards


STEP 1-4.
1) Cut cardstock to your desired tag size. Mine are aprox 2 1/4 by 4 1/2.
2) Draw slanted lines on the top of this panel. I used a block turned like a diamond to draw my lines (does that make sense?).
3) Trim the card along the lines to create the tag shape.
4) Make a hole with a round hole punch, I can never get my holes dead center!!!

STEP 5-7.
5) Stamp your tag. I used 'Ledger Flourish' by Stampington & Co. and black Staz On ink.
6) Glue on 2 inchies at the base of the tag, over the stamp. I added inchies randomly to each tag, not thinking too much about what 'should' go together.
7) Add twine. I used orange 'Divine Twine' also by Stampington & Co.

Experiment with different colored papers and make a bunch all at once, it should only take an hour and it is a nice way to add a personal arty touch to Christmas gifts.

I will be posting photos of my December create everyday journey tomorrow & everyday after that for the month of December. I will also try to stick to my normal blog schedule, as the mood takes me. So on Friday I will do my regular Art Finds Friday Post.

Here's to a creative December. If I can do it, so can you.


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