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I spend most of my creative time balancing between poetry, photography and mixed media. I step into one world for a bit and then when that runs out of steam I am into another. I often feel when I am writing a lot that I will never take photos again, or when I am on a collage roll that I will never write again! It is kind of like mommy guilt!! I never am relaxed. 

Sometimes I hit the perfect sweet spot, when all my loves come together. I think that is why the project in Week 12 in my book is my favorite. It is the 'Poetry Box' and combines all three together.

Well, here is an alternative to that project. This is a poetry folder. I printed out some poems (about 8), photos and created some mixed media pieces to mingle in with the poems, as visual relief. Then I made a folder (like this one) to house them and a bag (like these ones) to give them to the recipient.

I just love it! Enjoy:

The front of the poetry folder
I printed the poems onto cardstock and trimmed them all the same size
I sewed a little pocket to house the poems and artwork
A mixed media piece with a bird stamp that I carved from a photo

I layered mixed media and photos with the poems
The back of the folder
I made a gift bag for the folder


  1. I really love what you made, it looks so beautiful!

  2. Shona, I think it's beautiful. Very impressed you were able to have the concept and execute it in a short period of time! So many of my concepts remain in the theoretical stage for months just for lack of time to relax into the creative atmosphere. Hope it felt good to make this given your recent struggles.

  3. Wow these are gorgeous. I am always impressed with your creations.. take care.

  4. What a lovely gift! You have such wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing them :)

  5. Shona, thank you for visiting my sewing blog today and seeing my silly hula hooping post. Ha ha. I am having loads of fun. I miss you, too. We'll have to have a play date soon when it warms up a bit. Hope you'll be at the Valentine Gala.

    This is a fantastic alternative to the poetry box in your book. I really appreciate having alternatives to choose from.

  6. This is so beautiful. It really made my heart happy to see such beauty and to read your post about your heart searching for a way to express itself. So how I am feeling today!

  7. do you sew like that..the 'messy' look that is so pretty. If I did would just look messy..not artistic-LoL! I love the whole idea of this little bag/journal with photos and poetry. It's such a pretty keepsake!


    PS. I especially love the little blurb about habitual sin..I wanted to read the rest! :o)

  8. It's beautiful Shona!

  9. What a gorgeous project! Love the different techniquest you have used! Great way to highlight all your slkills.

  10. Lovley little treasure. I too have the sewing machine at work once again. Keep smililng and creating give yourself a hug, you are a busy lady.

  11. This is a lovely little book! I love how you have mixed so many mediums and created something so beautiful! Cute bag, too!! :)

  12. Shona - tell me you've seen 'Inner Excavations' by Liz Lamarouex. You need to if you haven't!

    I love how you combine these - it's so wonderful. I must allow myself to write more.

  13. Thank you folks! I can't tell you how much appreciate all of your happy thoughts here. It helps fuel me to keep on posting!

  14. I'll look that project up! Your book is amazing! I totally understand how difficult it is to be pulled in so many directions - I just posted about that myself:)
    Be thankful, for you have been blessed with so many wonderful talents!!
    Love your poems btw, I've never posted any of mine - just haiku - maybe I'll get brave:)

  15. I don't know how you do it with 5. I can't do it with 3! We both have 1 year olds and I am just so impressed! I LOVE the bags! Really great!

    I hope you keep posting. I love checking in to see what you've created or what you're feeling.

    Happy Day to you!

  16. LOL! Shona, I'm so thankful you posted what you did about the "mommy guilt." I feel the same way about my artistic loves: music, writing stories, writing songs, and mixed media. I always feel so guilty when I focus on one over the other, but recently have been given a lot of freedom/grace when I read about "renaisance souls." Michelle Ward had a cool blog post about it, and there's an awesome book that I just ordered from Amazon--but I've only read the first chapter, so I can't endorse it yet. :P Basically, the concept of "you have to just do one thing and do it well" doesn't work with some people, and God just didn't make us that way. :) Initially, I started my blog to help me decide *which* area of art I would "pick," and leave the others behind. :( Didn't happen. I just got happier. And made more stuff, lol! Ok, this went too long, but I appreciate and love your work, and want to encourage you 1/2 as much as you've encouraged me. :)

  17. Shona I have your book and love it, chiefly because I can relate on so many levels (trying to juggle kids, home responsibilities and creativity, being drawn to many different artistic avenues), so I thought I'd pop by and check your blog. And lo and behold! Here is a lovely project that brings several of your talents together. What a neat idea, thank you for sharing.

  18. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Hi Stranger...
    been busy..with art
    for our traveling journal
    but i had to stop by and
    let you know how pretty
    everything is here...the
    music...the photos and
    that POETRY book...
    your wonderful idea...
    is giving me an idea...
    Happy Sunday Wishes
    my creative friend!


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