May 30, 2014

Realistic Expectations

Photo credit - Sophia Cole, my talented niece

People can only read something if they have heard of it! Obvious enough. But for people to hear about my book then I will need to do some kind of marketing campaign. 

And honestly, as I am a busy artistic mother and not a marketer, I don't really have
1)  the time or
2) the know how to market a book. 

Timewise, I just have to be realistic. It is amazing how much I can get done if I break it down into little chunks and slot the tasks into the quieter parts of my day or, realistically for me, evening. I have been reading blogs describing all things I could do to get the word out. Some of them I am just not going to do, others I can chip away at little by little. Every little step gets me one more potential reader.  

Concerning point 2, I can learn how to market. As I said, I have been reading a lot about book launching. Much it seems to swirl around social marketing. I can handle a little of that. Yes, I have this blog and Facebook  (Oh, I started a Twitter account! So follow me there too. My twitter name is Shona C Cole, or just Shona Cole, I am not sure! I have 8 followers as of today ;). I am thinking of an Instagram and Pinterest project, I will see how that goes…. 

Social media is time consuming, I don't have a lot of time. It's a circular problem, but I will do my best!

Regardless of what I do, if I am realistic - probably not many people will even know that there is a book called 'Gala' to read. But that is okay. It is what it is. I am at peace with the balance of my life. I am a mother first and I love my kids. While I love the novel I wrote, nothing compares to the enormousness of who my people are and are becoming. 


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