June 03, 2014

My voice

This is a lovely photo of my 10 year old, not related to anything!
There are a lot of people like me in America today. So what am I? - Christian, conservative, artistic sahm

If you looked only at the TV, movies, adverts, magazines, 'romance books' etc, you would believe that there are hardly any Christians or conservatives or happy sahms in the world, and the handful that exist are all mean, judgmental people who live boring lives!

I have been around Christian people of all kinds since birth. I grew up with a Christian mother and grandmother, attended Christian schools and summer Bible camps, went weekly to Sunday School, I was very active in the Protestant Girl's Brigade and got 100% on my Bible exams. I have attended church almost every week since the Fall of 1996 when I finally acknowledged I was in need of a savior. Most of the true friends I have had in my life are Christians. My husband is an Elder at our church. Our life revolves around our church friends. I live in Texas, where everyone goes to church, it seems! I know for a fact that we are NOT all judgmental people who live boring lives. 

Christians - these are my people. I love my people, but my people did a foolish thing in the last 20 years - they allowed the non-Christian academics and creatives to dominate education, the arts, entertainment and media. They control the voice of our world. They control the content of TV shows we watch. They write and produce the movies we love to go see at the movies. They control the content of education and literature and music and painting. We are often on the sidelines watching as they paint with a massive brush changing the hearts of our children. 

But Christians - we do exist! In droves, albeit quiet and sidelined.  

I believe Christians should have a voice in popular culture. Not necessarily always with a 'Christian' message, but at least a voice that is not offensive to Christian or conservative ideals. But no one is going to invite us to join in. We need to put ourselves in there. We need to man-up and make art, teach, speak up and take part in the world!

Years ago I used to watch the TV show 'Law and Order'. One night I watched a few episodes in a row when I noticed a troubling trend - the baddie was always a young to middle aged, educated father! Men that look like my husband or many of my friend's husbands! I quit watching that show cause it was just depressing! The picture they painted was one that is just not my reality. I know thousands of awesome men who would die rather than harm a woman or child. 

To counteract this for a long time I dreamed of writing a realistic, but positive, male character. A man who could make you swoon like Mr. Darcy, or Edward Cullen. A beautiful, strong, good man. A man my girls could search for and my boys could emulate.

So I did. There are two male characters in my book. Luke Johnson and his cousin Nash Johnson. Once my book is published then I will have taken my own small step in the direction of changing the culture, of showing the world (or the 100 people that will listen) that people like me, Christian, conservative, artistic moms have a voice!  


  1. I think you are so right about how our lil niche on this planet has become what it has and I for one try my best to change it to where it needs to be. I am a Christian as well and do try to reach out to others....not trying to "preach" but to act the way a Christian should with patience, kindness, humility and strength in my faith that with the right actions speaks for itself. I have been working on a childrens book myself and am very excited to know that there is a new book coming out (by you) that will have two, good strong males characters.


    1. Thanks Regi! Let me know when you publish your children's book, I have little ones who love being read to :)

  2. Well said. It is refreshing to see you making a difference with the talents God has gifted you. It encourages me to do the same.

    1. Somehow you and I end up always encouraging each other! It's good to have friends :)

  3. God bless you and your family. It is so important to surround ourselves with inspiration. Helps one to wade through all the craziness in the world. Your message is very important. Thank you.

  4. Very nicely said. Thanks.


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