This is the first finished piece of a set of 7 mini hanging thingys I am making for the next issue of Somerset Home. I have made all the parts of the others, but have yet to assemble them. If I had another hour or 2 in the day I could get it done!

The accountability partnering I am doing with Shannon has been so fabulous. I am getting all the important things done as my list is there in the kitchen as I pass reminding me of what I need to focus on. And I am aware of it as I talk to Shannon through the week. It is like a constant reminder of my priorities.

This is the idea behind these pieces, each has a little reminder of things that are important to me. They are in my home as little visual reminders to 'create daily', 'love wildly' 'pray constantly', 'give happily', 'serve lovingly', dream big' and 'play freely'.


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