Green Craft frayed flowers

I fell in love with these fabric flowers by Maize Hutton (Maize, what a lovely name) in Green Craft magazine Vol. 2 as soon as I saw them. I really wanted to have a go at making one, but I am not a big flower wearer. Then it dawned on me that I could use the flowers to embellish my tote bag! This tote is another version of the one in my book, The Artistic Mother!

So I followed Maize's steps and this is what I came up with:

Step 1
First I cut a strip of fabric 1 x 36 inches.

Step 2
Then folded one end over and put a stitch in it.

Step 3

I sewed a running stitch all the way along the top of the strip.

Step 4
And pulled the thread and gathered the strip into a circle. I had to avoid the temptation to pull it too tight. I kept it loose and let the fabric find it's way.

Step 5
I loosely sewed the 'flower' in place.

Step 6
I took a while to choose a button for the center, color choice, color choice *sigh* Finally, I sewed it onto the center of the flower.

Step 7
I pinned it on my tote bag!

Here is the before and after, I think this tote bag was just waiting for this flower!

(yes, that is that grumpy little Shona photo I keep using. I have my reasons :)

Thank you Maize for the inspiration!


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