from my couch

Folks, I have been suffering. Not poetically I am afraid, but from plain old back pain. I have a recurring back issue where my back 'goes out'. I could be bending or reaching or doing some other mundane task and all of a sudden I am trapped by pain. My lower back goes into spasms that last for a few days. On Saturday it occurred again. It usually starts to ease up in a few days, but somehow this time it is still bearing down on me. I went to the physical therapist and he rotated my hip joints again (they have a tendency to roll out of place!!!) but that didn't ease the pain. So I went to the doctor but he can't give me muscle relaxers or strong painkillers as I'm nursing. So here I sit. On my couch, unable to lift Max, craft, do laundry or drive. Sigh.


I have my daughter Lily who will do, in an instant, anything I ask her to do ~ oh, my sweet lovely child.

My husband Mark who has been cooking and cleaning (!!!!) and soaking up the kids attention.

My sitter Michelle who helped with the kids on Monday and drove me to my appointment. 

My friend, Shannon who came over to sweep my floors, tidy toys, hold Max and take photos of Lily's room for my Thursday blog post.

And some entertainment... Project Runway from Netflix, the latest Cloth Paper Scissors (SO GOOD) and a wonderful poetry book to read - 'The Best of Irish Poetry 2010' (thanks Mum) and a new online drawing workshop hosted by Carla Sonheim called the Art of Silliness. And of course I have the constant chatter of children to keep me company.


So while I heal enjoy some visual poetry from our recent trip to the Houston Aquarium.


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