Thoughts on change and Starter Kit winner #2

I love moving house or renovating. But it is ever so bitter sweet. I remember when Mark and I sold our very first home. I was so driven to sell the house and to find a new one in a better neighborhood and ecstatic when it sold in 6 days. But as we drove away for the last time I cried. I cried because that era of our life was over. I would never again lie in that bedroom and see the branches scratch the window just so. I would never again experience the way the light moved around the kitchen. All would become only a memory.

That is life. I know. We move on and what was familiar becomes the past. We learn to love the new; and soon the new version becomes our beautiful reality. I have a special place in me that revels in the thoughts of those old versions of my life!

This week in our house we are painting and shifting space. My girls have slept in the downstairs bedroom for 5 years. In that pink and yellow room I painted a giant castle on the wall (I never quite finished it). The girls would lie in bed and make stories up about the castle; it has been the backdrop for many an adventure. But it is no longer! The girls are moving to new bedrooms (Laura upstairs, Lily to the guest room which is now purple) and we are moving in to theirs! Painters came and primed and painted over the castle.

It has become a part of our memory.

I can hear the conversations in the future ‘Hey, Mom remember that castle? I use to imagine that big blue bird would fly off the wall and out the door’ ‘What color were those flags?’ ‘That was a cool castle, why didn’t you ever finish painting the garden like you said your would?’ ‘I wish I could see it one last time’. Thank goodness for cameras! I only wish they captured the feeling, the surrounding memories, the smells too.

Isn’t there something both exciting and sad about change?

Sail away!

When this room is completed I will share some photos - I am telling you it is wild - we painted the walls purple & sea green/blue/grey, the floors are burnt orange tile. We bought this bedspread from Anthropologie similar colors!!!! Oh my, it is different. So stay tuned.


So on with the winner of last Saturday's GIVEAWAY!

Again, thank you to ALL those folks who entered for the chance to win the 'Artistic Mother Starter Kit'. 

The randomly generated winner is Chandra of 'a project a day'. I do hope that these supplies give you a burst of creative energy!

AND just for fun.....
I am going to send an ATC to the first person to comment on that post....

Stefanie Lin aka Artsy Momma 

I will talk to you both via email :)

For everyone else:
This Saturday I will be giving away another kit, so if you don't mind coming back to leave a comment again (sorry to make you do that, but it is the fairest way I think). I will have another tutorial or something fun posted too to make it worth your while!


In May I will be doing another Saturday Follower giveaway. The ranks have grown! As there are now over 520 folks following this blog I will be giving away 2 handmade things each Saturday in May. So please check back in to see if your name comes up!


I was so excited to see my blog will be featured in the upcoming Artful Blogging magazine! You can see my spread layout on Stampington. Those eyes on the cover under the title are my Laura's! What a joy to me!
It will be available May 1. 


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