Partial stamping

In an attempt to make a stamp my own often I use only part of the whole stamp. I altered paper bags to make embellished envelopes with this method:

Step one
Ink only a portion of the stamp that you are using. It can be a little difficult to get this right, the stamp pads are generally rectangles, which makes it hard to avoid inking the bits you don't want. An alternative to ink pads is to use paint or stamping markers. Stamp by PaperArtsy.

Step two
Once I trimmed the image I drew some pencil lines on the stamped and then painted it in with watercolor paint.

Step three
I added some more partial stamps to the edge pattern. Stamp by Jenny Doh. Then I tore off the bottom edge (I had stamped it with some more of the circles but it looked too much)

Step four
Rummage through your scraps left over from other projects and your scrapbook papers and play around with colors until you are happy with your layout.

Step five
Stamp a small paper bag with a large stamp. Let the stamp go over the edges, this is another type of partial stamping.

Step six
Glue the image panel onto the paper bag. I wrote the words 'Happy Birthday' on the left. There you have it -  an envelope for a gift tag, card or small gift.

Alternative card layouts:

Some other pieces with partial stamps:
Here you can see the full and partial Jenny Doh stamp


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