January 04, 2011

Where my time is spent

family walk

All the same for you, for me

time moves away,
spilling sometimes
so fast I see my children grow
inches as I plow my feet into the earth

and so like you I go about my life
walking with my people
soothing the baby crying for his momma
chatting about the fairies on the pop up page

brushing my floors, wiping the sink
replacing toilet paper
finding the sippy cup, the naked doll, Nerf darts
folding the Christmas tree skirt

and meals, measured out and relentless
a constant reminder of our mortality
heat, cool, texture, color
the sacred rite of motherhood

and at last
journaling my mind
listing my goodness and plans
looking ever outwards
and ever inwards
reconciliation measured in
a thing actually completed and mailed
in a photo posted and acknowledged

and so it goes
and so it goes

to this year I bow, we all cheer
for what we will accomplish
with our tiny mouths.


  1. A day in the life of an artistic mother. Beautiful. Happy New Year. I hope it brings you much joy and fulfillment.

    Beautiful picture and poem.

  2. LOVE this poem! Glad all is well, with the fullness of life. Hugs friend!

  3. Thanks!

    Amy, I wrote this when I read your comment on the last post. I needed a jump start to get back blogging! Thanks for being my motivation.

  4. OH BOY...that's right, cap letters I'll yelling OH BOY. So glad you posted today, I've missed you.
    Lovely poem and love the family walk pic. Hugs!!!!

  5. Great picture. Love the poem.

  6. Welcome back from your very lovely and full holidays. Been missing you and cannot wait to see all the magic you stir up for us in the new year.

    xo Lis

  7. Beautiful, luminous poem. Very apt for this time of the year. We mamas can certainly relate to the seemingly mundane events that really aren't so uneventful.

    I missed your blog, too, but I hope you got much needed rest and relaxation. I have two kids and I don't get much of either so I'm not sure how a mama of five would do it but I know that rest is a necessary ingredient for creating art.

    Best wishes for success in your art this year.

  8. Welcome back Shona, hope you had a peaceful holiday season. Love this photo and poem. They speak to me on so many levels. Have a wonderful, creative 2011!

  9. And all those lovely small moments, make up a life well lived. I love that.


  10. Shona..that is one of the sweetest family poems I have ever read of yours. I love it! And your photo so beautifully illustrates it. :o)

    I would love to share that with my readers.

    I'm going to have to do one of those 'collection' posts soon, I can see. :o)

  11. By the way, Shona, you anticipated my favorite appliance of 2010..YOUR George Forman grill. I now have my own, but yours was awesome and now our whole family adores it.

    I'm glad you liked my little 'rant'. :O) I'm always a little nervous that it won't come across funny enough and someone will feel bad.

    I'll be linking up to you again when I do my favorite appliances of the year.


  12. Wow, this post reminds me so much of the book I am reading right now called, "Hand Wash Cold: Instructions for an Ordinary Life." It's all about finding the joy in what seems to be the mundane. I think you would really like it.

    Beautiful photo - beautiful family!


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