December 16, 2014

Lead male in my novel

My book, Gala, is a loose re-telling of the story of Ruth.

If you remember, in the Bible, Ruth is a new widow in search of security, identity and family. Ruth travels from her own country to a new land with her widowed mother-in-law. When they settle Ruth and Naomi set their sights on Boaz, an important member of Naomi's people as a possible protector/husband for Ruth.

In Gala all of the names of the characters have been changed. Ruth is Gala, Naomi is Virginia and Boaz is Luke.

I love my Boaz/Luke character. He is a good man, a complicated, beautiful Mr. Darcy. As I wrote I had an image of an actor to work from: Jim Caviezel. He came to life in my writing mind. I love the slight sadness in his eyes and while he is a good man all is not perfect in his world. Because perfection is not a decent read.

I would love you to read the book and spend time getting to know my Boaz/Luke character.


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