December 13, 2014

Visual inspiration for writers.

I am a visual person. I have to 'see' something to fully believe or grasp concepts or stories. Even in my writing I have to 'see' what I am a writing. As I wrote my novel, Gala, I pictured the scenery, the characters, the houses, the clothing. I kept a desktop file of inspiration images.
I had certain actors in mind to fill the "roles" in my book. I had interior images of buildings to help me see the location of my story. I had music that played on repeat for the four months of creative writing that brought forth this novel. Needless to say, I was not alone when writing.

I won't post all my images at once, but I would like to introduce you the girl I pictured as "Gala" [pronounced Gal-uh, not Gay-la as in the event!!]. Her name is Abby Cornish, an Australian actress who, for me, embodies a vulnerable but strong female.

I found this images here.

When I found my cover art on I couldn't believe how much the cover photo looked like Ms. Cornish! It was meant to be :)

My book is available on Amazon and Kindle. 

Stay tuned for more images.

If you are a writer I would love to hear what inspires you!


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