Peek Inside #2 & Saturday Giveaway #14

'Peek Inside' is where I give you a closer look at some of the art in my book, The Artistic Mother. As space in my book is limited to 128 pages and designed beautifully by Marissa Bowers to be readable and uncluttered, not every piece of the art projects in the book can be seen. So I will be revealing them here over the coming months.

Last week I showed you inside the Altered Storybook on the cover and week 7 of the workshop. Today I would like to show you a peek inside one of the Round Robin books on p22!

The first book I am going to show you was started by the groups organizer Mendy Mitrani (The cover of her book can be seen on page 55 of my book). She started her Round Robin book and then sent it to me, I altered a spread and then it went to Cindy Mayfield, Carrie Harney, Sarah Keith. And around it went until it finally made it back to Mendy, who now owns the book.

Here are the wonderfully textured pages of Mendy's book. When I received this book I was blown over by the amount of stuff she managed to attach to her pages! That little black 'open' button is an inch high drawer handle! And the flower and ribbon is huge. The cardboard binding was very thick, it really was a joy to hold. And then the work that the other artists added in was amazing. Each one so different, but so complimentary.

The actual artist of the page is listed on each photo (somehow I failed to photograph my page before I mailed it back to her!!):

Beautiful, thank you ladies for being a part of this wonderful Round Robin and my book. There are 4 more of these books to have a 'Peek Inside' so check back in soon.


I appreciate everyone who has signed up to follow this blog. Appreciate.... that sounds so timid.... how about honored, amazed, ecstatic, floored. Last year I had about 30 folks signed up. Today there are 549! Almost 550! I know this is small in comparison to many blogs out there, but to me it is HUGE!

May is follower appreciation month here on An Artful Life.

To kick it off I want to send a small handmade gift to my longest & shortest followers.

1) The very first person who signed up to follow 'An Artful Life' is also one of my first friends in the US, Tara D.

2) The very last person to sign up was Tina at 'The Artful Life -  Tina Lawver Designs'. She signed up just yesterday! Welcome Tina.

I will contact to you both via email to get your addresses. I will be sending each of you a little ATC notebook like this one (as I was down with my sore back this week I was unable to finish the ones for today, but the covers are done):

As I appreciate everyone else in between, please check back in next Saturday and there may be something for you too.

I feel like I am at a baby shower doing door prizes!!! I love that, it is like a party. An Artful Life party. Thank you for being my guests.


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