The Artistic Mother - Intro Part 1

Friendly warning:

Shameless self promotion to follow.


So you may or may not know that I have a book coming out. March, 8 2010 is the date that is listed on the US Amazon site. So, that is the date I am using as my release date.

But the book is already printed. I have a copy. One copy. My mother has another. That is it so far. In a few weeks I get a bunch of copies to distribute to contributors, friends, possible reviewers and for giveaways.

I believe that artistic type moms do a better job at mothering if they are doing art. I believe that for me. Even though I am living an artistic mother life, I often slide off to the side. I can't tell you the number of times I have faltered over the past year and thought 'Oh, I need to re-read this or that section in my book' and when I do I get back on track. It is odd to have written something that sounds like I am reading something by 'an author' that is not me!

But it is all well and good for me to like what I have produced, but my big nervous questions is: is this a book you would to purchase? Of course I hope so. I would like to tell you guys a little more about the book so you can decide for yourself.

Well the title should tell you a fair amount: The Artistic Mother - A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your Busy Life.

It is for Mothers, who are (or want to be) artistic. There is a practical component to help you fit art into your life. The book is broken into 3 major sections:

The first section is fairly talky with photos and mixed media collages scattered through out. Here I discuss things like the nature of creativity and some practical, common sense, ideas to becoming motivated to do art on those days when you are too tired or unmotivated by the intensity of motherhood.

The second section is a very brief how to guide for taking decent photos, writing basic poems and doing collage. I can't say it is for absolute beginners, but also not for working artists. I don't break any new ground in terms of techniques. This is not a technique book, rather it is a state of mind and action book. You have to be willing to work to do art. To be committed.

The third section is where the rubber meets the road. I have designed a 12 week workshop and a day by day action plan to guide you through making 12 different projects (well, the first week is more of a prep week). This schedule may be a little tough for Mammas with young or a lot of kids, no problem, the daily art challenges can be spread over days. The goal is to get you creating, daily, not just to get the projects done.

Spread throughout the book are short essays and art by momma artists. I will introduce you to each of them soon. But each artist has inspired me with their creative vision and lives.

If you are already on that artistic mother road, creating daily while you raise your kids, I applaud you. My book will then be an affirmation of your lifestyle, an encouragement to keep on it. But if you are someone who is not living that life, but wants to, then my book is one that should help you get there, if you are willing to put in the work.

In this space over the coming weeks I am going to lay out a little bit more about the book so that you can make an informed decision.


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