Coffee cup holder book & Giveaway #12

I am loving this Green Craft magazine. It lays around my house and I keep on peeking in. I want to use what I have. I want to practice re-purposing. I have never liked waste, wasted food, wasted clothes, wasted paper. Equally I don't like having useless stuff around. I am not a pack rat. So if I make something out of the old I am not wasting and I am making useful. Perfect solution.

It is also perfect for me 'cause, as a busy Mom who lives 20 minutes away driving 50 miles per hour from the nearest craft store, when I need to create I can't just get up and go. I have to use what I have.

So, this time I was inspired by Linda Manning Findley's 'cup holders for Christmas'. She said "You can use the cup holder as a card, tag or small book" - small book, that won me over! I am a sucker for a small book.

So I made these for my girls. I am going to write a poem for each in them.

Here's how:

First - prepare the coffee holder:
1) flatten out the filter and cut the right hand side to make an opening.
2) paint the front with craft paint
3) paint the back, as it has ridges I just dusted, rather than coated the back
4) fold over and stamp on the front, as usual I used Staz On ink, my favorite - you have the bones of your book cover

Second - prepare the decorative image
5) stamp the image onto some painted paper or other colored paper, I used the heart from Clearly Impressed 'Romance Elements' by Christine Adolph
6) Cut out the image and add some paint if needed
7) Run the edges of the image along the ink
8) Glue it on to the center of your book cover

Last - Add the pages
9) use the book cover as a template and cut out 3-4 strips of paper. Fold over in the middle
10) stitch the pages to the cover at the crease in the paper

There you have it:

This photo was taken on a background of new scrapbook paper from Christine Adolph by Creative Imaginations, this will be carried by Stampington & Co.

Thanks to Linda for the inspiration and the permission to post this for you guys!


To thank you for following along with my artful journey & the celebration of the launch of my book I am doing these regular Saturday giveaways!

This week the winner is

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest


You get to choose one of the following gifts:

Choice #1 - Handmade notebook, aprox 3x6 inches

Choice #2 - 5 painted, randomly stamped papers for you to cut up and use in your own art work

Choice #3 - A wall hanging on a vintage hanger aprox 14x10 inches

If you are not listed as a follower of this blog, please do sign up, the more the merrier!

After this one I will be doing one more giveaways, March 6, to celebrate my book's official publication date (March 8th), even though the book is already available in the US. Then I will take off a few weeks. In April I am going to do 4 Saturday giveaways, the prize being kits that can be used to get started on the workshop in my book! I think that I will open those giveaways to comments so that I can be sure the kits go to folks that are interested in receiving mixed media supplies. I am still mulling it over.


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