Buy my book for Mother's Day & get an autographed sticker

Why not consider buying my book 'The Artistic Mother' for someone (or ask for it for yourself) for Mother's Day? If you order the book in the next 2 days on Amazon you could have it by the 9th with 2 day shipping, which is free if you have Amazon Prime!

~ It is a good book for mothers who really want to do something artistic but have not been able to make the time for it.

~ It is a good book for someone who wants to get started in mixed media collage art, learn the ropes of taking photos of their family and begin to write poetic words about their daily life.

If you do buy my book this week specifically for Mother's Day (or your husband buys it for you), let me know and I will mail you a pretty 'Artistic Mother' autographed sticker for your book!

Let me know if you want a signed sticker by sending me an email at shonacole [at] aol [dot] com.


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