Poetry Peek Treasure

I thought I would give you a closer look at the poetry project on Week 12 of my book 'The Artistic Mother':

Inside this poetry box are a few loose papers with photos I took in Ireland when visiting my mother & in my back yard in Texas and a poem I wrote, another one of the topic of being a mother.


Treasures collected:


Thank you to all for the well wishes & prayers on my back. I have degenerative disc disease and a partly bulging disc. No injury, just bad luck and prone genes. Thankfully I do not need surgery now (why the dr. even mentioned that on the phone last Friday I really don't know, just to worry me?!?). I am seeing a physical therapist today to learn some strengthening exercises and I have to take calcium & vit. D, fish oil and turmeric pills and avoid lifting heavy things. So really it is a shift in lifestyle. I can handle that. I will be fine. And now to return to the regularly scheduled programming!


I was interviewed by the lovely Jen over at Create Well, Create Often. I get to talk about my creative process and inspiration. 


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