Saturday Giveaway #16

Thank you to everyone who left their happy, supportive comments on my last post about being a nursing mommy.

I love this online community! Such a lovely positive place. When I was growing up I always wanted lots of friends, like minded friends. I went in and out of groups. I changed schools, people moved, I moved and changed and became who I am meant to be and lost touch with the majority of people. I am fortunate enough to have found a group of like minded friends here in Texas, in the community at my church, but now also here on my blog, on the blogs of all those sweet people listed on my blogroll below and other blogs I visit. How wonderful this is! The world really is a better place because of the internet. We can connect and support each other, we can 'meet' people that totally 'get' our vision and we can share ideas and inspiration and a little cheer leading. We are so blessed.

I am doing these follower giveaways to say thank you to you for being a part of my blog 'An Artful Life'. This is the 16th Saturday I have done this (including the starter kits & other giveaways on this blog I have given away about 25 things!). Really it is such a pleasure to give my handiwork away, I like to know that what I make is going somewhere where it will be enjoyed.

For this week's giveaway I made:

1) a little off center wall hanging:

2) a square mini notebook made with the Bind It All machine:

The winners are:

Christina of Christina's Creative Moments

and Francesca Di Leo of Ode to Posterity

The first one to contact me will get her choice of the picture or the notebook! Let's talk via email, I can get your address and put your prize in the mail.

There are 2 more of these giveaways in the month of May. I am off to Ireland in June and probably won't be crafting much. When I go to Ireland I shift into photo & poetry mode, it somehow goes with the sense of the place. Anyhow, I will be doing another Follower's giveaway in AUGUST, so sign up as a follower and you are automatically entered.

Monday I will be doing the Sew Mama Sew giveaway too!


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