Saturday Giveaway #18

Time for my last follower giveaway until August.....


I accept that I am on a roll - making these little notebooks. The are quick, easy and satisfying to make. The covers are altered playing cards or ATC's. I paint and stamp the covers and then trim some paper to go inside. I know they are small, but you could jot little notes to self inside, poetic words that happen by or reminders to yourself to seek out the good, the true, the creative!

These 2 notebooks have homes to go to -

Today's winners are

Dandelion Daydreamer


Heidi of Hip Chicks Craft Too!

Let's talk over email so I can get your address and mail off your notebook!

Thank you to everyone for following along in this space. I am busy getting ready to go to Ireland right now. I will be doing a photo a day for June and July to document our getting ready, our time away, our travels, our moments. So I hope you will join me and my family on our journey!


Last week I entered Sew Mama Sew giveaway. And I won a prize!! ~ A handmade journal from Dorit Elisha, who is the author of Printmaking and Mixed Media (a book I now own and will be enjoying this weekend). I was so excited to win a paper gift. Not that I would be opposed to winning something made with fabric, but I am really a paper girl at heart. When I was young I use to collect 'fancy paper' and swap the beautiful sheets with neighborhood girls (my huge paper collection is still in my mother's house, I will get it out and do a post on it when I am away). My mother always said I should own a stationery shop! Now I still collect notebooks, but also make my own papers.

I was so enjoying my gift yesterday, I decided to share it with you! A goal of mine this year is to do some video. So I made this little video for you. (The quality is not as good as it is on my desktop, I have not yet worked out how to get a better quality image online, when iMovie compresses it so much info is lost.... But if I don't compress it then it is too large to upload.... I will work it out someday!)


Dorit Elisha Journal from Shona Cole on Vimeo.

Thank you so much Dorit!


Check out some great kids book recommendations by a few of us Wishmamas over at the Wish Studio. 


I will leave you with a peek inside my girl's world. After watching some of Lord of the Rings the girls wanted to be Elves, complete with white gowns and metal crowns (20 gauge wire)......

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!


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