Artistic Mother tote bag

A bag that I made for my book, the Artistic Mother, has not only been my poetry tote, it has become my trusty everyday tote too. Yes, I always carry my journal and pen; but it also holds my wallet, keys, phone, sugar free sours and a diaper. It is the perfect size for quick trips. I have quit lugging a diaper bag around, instead I leave it in the car as a back up (with change of outfits, tons of diapers, wipes, toys and so on) and take my tote with essentials. Then if I need my diaper bag I just pop the tote inside.
Apart from the size being perfect for what actually need, I like using something that I made, something a little different, something that announces that I am part of the mixed media world.

I hope that if you have made a poetry journal you consider using it for everyday use too!


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