1. Too cute!! won my give-away! Check your e-mail for info.

  2. Oh, how sweet! I can't believe he's already crawling! He's just so adorable.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group &

  3. How adorably sweet! LOVE the golden baby hair....
    {I am crawling today!!} Hot in NY, Kathy

  4. Such a cute top-of-the-head shot... look at that shiny shiny hair!

  5. sweet!!! Oh my! I've so missed seeing your little guy. :o)

    I'm sorry I haven't been by lately. I've only been returning comments--just barely. Tim and I are alone!! For four whole days. Christian is with the Brenan's and the kids are at your house. Rebekah said they got the cabinets all empty and ready for the construction guy. :o) The dogs are just fine. :o)

    I'm working real hard on getting caught up on paperwork and finances while it's Sooo nice and quiet! I did a post on (and my favorite book for dealing with that) since that has been my problem lately. Lol!

    Actually--I'm trying to see if I can afford to take a plunge and get the fabric to do my art show submission. So I've GOT to get the budget done. Then it's mom's cushions and THEN I'm going to start into your book!! That's my treat for the summer. :o)

    I just am dying to give little Max a big hug!! My goodness--I miss you!! I'll be so glad when you are back. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  6. My son just took his first steps yesterday...we are going to be REALLY busy mommas now!!

  7. i so miss this age. my girls will be 7 this month. and i love your blue toes. mine are currently purple. :-)

  8. :) this made me smile! I remember those days so long ago. it's great that you are taking photos! Thanks for the comment on my blog. cheers!

  9. Shona...I couldn't help but smile when I saw the Havaianas flip-flops. They are coveted in the Philippines. They are the most pricey flip-flop around! LOL. :-) Are they worth the wear???

  10. Anonymous7:11 AM

    ooooh la la...go little baby go! Blessings everyone...Eden

  11. Looks like my little boy Declans head when he was little. He'll be turning 5 in August it goes so fast. Thankfully he still loves to snuggle. I'm always kissing and sniffing his little head. Nothing smells better.


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