talking to myself

I need to read this article I wrote for the Wishstudio again and again. Finding the time for art is vital for my sanity. Cutting out my time wasters is hard, so hard at times. I have to remind myself of that and that it is better to do something artistic than nothing at all.

I am pouring my creative energy into my house right now. It is taking shape. Each day it becomes more and more what I envisioned. I can't wait to share photos. I left my camera at my friend's house... just shows you my priorities right now!!!!! I have had some time to process more photos from Ireland. This is my dad with my youngest son Maximus. 

On Saturday August 7 I will be hosting another follower giveaway. Check in to see if you won.

On August 30, over that the Wishstudio I will be leading an online workshop for parents & kids, a kind of arty playgroup. Details HERE on the wishstudio. The other leaders are Tracey Clark, Pixie Campbell, Mindy Tsonas and Stephanie Lee, what an awesome group!!!!


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