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I need to read this article I wrote for the Wishstudio again and again. Finding the time for art is vital for my sanity. Cutting out my time wasters is hard, so hard at times. I have to remind myself of that and that it is better to do something artistic than nothing at all.

I am pouring my creative energy into my house right now. It is taking shape. Each day it becomes more and more what I envisioned. I can't wait to share photos. I left my camera at my friend's house... just shows you my priorities right now!!!!! I have had some time to process more photos from Ireland. This is my dad with my youngest son Maximus. 

On Saturday August 7 I will be hosting another follower giveaway. Check in to see if you won.

On August 30, over that the Wishstudio I will be leading an online workshop for parents & kids, a kind of arty playgroup. Details HERE on the wishstudio. The other leaders are Tracey Clark, Pixie Campbell, Mindy Tsonas and Stephanie Lee, what an awesome group!!!!


  1. Great photo of your Dad and son; what a memory maker and keeper to shore up against hard times.

  2. Great photo of your dad and Max. Can't wait to see the kitchen photos!

  3. Aww, I love that photo.
    Cheers, jj

  4. gorgeous photo and gee...renos...just think about when its all over...!!!

  5. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Creating is sooo important.
    A must for each and every day.
    No matter how small or how much...
    no matter the project or the outcome..creating is something I must do. I am happier when I do. Create. WishStudios looks cool.
    I will be checking back.
    Blessings Eden

  6. Anonymous2:09 AM Maximus and Grand Dad...very sweet. Eden

  7. Welcome back! Where did the summer go? I am constantly re-prioritizing things and needing to remember to celebrate what I do do and not focus upon all the things I am planning on doing!

    sounds like a great workshop ... can't wait to read more. (and i did my altered story book and my daughter loves it! we read it every night together ... i have 2 books awaiting gesso as i type!)

    xo Lis

  8. Oh Shona:

    I can't believe how fast our little ones grow. Maximus is adorable!

    You are a true inspiration to so many arty moms!! Thank you for that.

    Gerushia's New World

    P.S. Just a side note ~ I'm having an art give-away on my blog this week!

  9. Hi, Shona, What a sweet photo. :o) I can't wait to see how the work is progressing at your house. I miss you!

    Tim and I are hanging out in a hotel (photos on my blog) celebrating his birthday with a few days alone.

    Max has grown so much! He is just handsome beyond words...well darling really. :o)

  10. I have been looking at your photo's - they are stunning!! This one here too is gorgeous. I hope you are getting back on top of things with a kitchen half done. The trip to Ireland looks amazing. I am 'off' this week too with a chance to wind down and not always working so very much!

    Happy holidays.


  11. That picture of your Dad and Maximus is stunning. So much love.

  12. Dear Shona,

    I have received your book yesterday and I wanted to thank you so much for writing it! This book is talking to me gently but loudly! This is a life changing book. When I'm reading it, I'm so joyful that I'm near tears! I'm proud to be a mom and an artist of life! Thanks for giving me theses tools, for writing these words and prompts. I'll do the program, for sure!



  13. lovely photo of your dad and his grandson

  14. This photo is so incredibly gorgeous, what a beautiful moment.

  15. Can you tell I'm catching up on commenting?! This is a breathtakingly tender moment...I'm so glad you had this opportunity with/for your dad. You're capturing all the beauty God has given in your life with such a tender and attentive eye. You bless me tons!


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