Traveling home!

Our time in Ireland is over. We had a lovely trip, lots of family time. I spent lots of time with old friends and family. Thank you for coming along and enjoying my photos. I appreciate all the kind comments from old and new friends alike.

I will be offline for while as we travel and then get settled back home, well settled is not quite the word as my kitchen is in the middle of being renovated, so I have no sink or stove or floors and all my kitchen stuff is in the living room!!!! Oh my! Paper plates & Chick Fil A for the Coles for a while.

When I get back I do plan to post some more mixed media work. I have a few things lined up, so I hope you check back in!


  1. how quicky did your holiday go!!! so glad you had a wonderful time...hope your travels go well and you ette nicey back into your home routines....take

  2. s and l are playing up!!!

  3. Have a safe trip!

  4. Happy homecoming! Kristin xo

  5. Praying for safe travel. It was awesome seeing all of your pictures. Looking forward to your upcoming projects

  6. That sure went quick have a safe journey home.

  7. So glad you had a lovely holiday. Safe travels and can't wait to see your mixed media stuff when you get back and settled (as well as can be expected under the circumstances anyway).

  8. Dear Shona-I just came across your most beautiful blog and ...I LOVE your pic right there with the back of your girl's dress, the big bow and cascading hair...I hope you had an amzing trip and a safe flight back home!

  9. Wow, your trip went by fast! I'm sure it feels that way to you as well :) But we will all be excited to have you home and sharing more inspiring projects and ideas with us ... because, you know, my family cannot get used to me putting dinner on the table on time! (versus the usual "mommy is still painting and nothing is on the stove!")

    yes, safe travels - bring lots of memories home.
    xo Lis

  10. Hi Shona, I'm a fan of your book and art. Love your new banner and wondering what the font is that you used?

    I would look forward to learning what font it is...:)

    Lol, Tia

  11. I'm still catching up from being away on vacation too. Thanks for taking us along on yours. The photos are amazing.

    Good luck with the kitchen remodel.


  12. Shona,

    I so enjoyed seeing the photos of your stay in Ireland. You may remember that I am also much into photography, so, naturally, the way you visually express yourself very much appeals to me.

    With those hundreds of people who follow your blog you might not even remember who I am. Well, maybe you do -- I am the one who won your wonderful book which I treasure very much.

    I added a link to your blog on my blog -- gotta spread the word about your wonderful art!

    Happy creating,
    your friend from Munich, Germany,

  13. Hi Shona, I have just found you via Somerset Studio, and love your blog. I will definitely be sending off for your book. I love the way you have showcased Ireland, you could be our Ambassador in Houston.
    Cant wait for your next update when you get settled back at home.

  14. What a sweet photo Shona! I'm so you got to visit your family. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home


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