Art card tote bag

Yesterday and today I was not feeling so tired, so I got some sewing done. I printed some of the art cards I made onto Blumenthal Craft PhotoFabric printable cotton canvas and sewed them to some fabric. I made this tote in a similar way to a tote that is in my book (which is due in stores March 8 2010).

I am very much a beginner at sewing, unlike my friend Trudy over at 'Sewing With Trudy', she is a pro and another example of an Artistic Mother. She kindly mentioned my upcoming book on her blog today in her post on doing a little art a day. Her post is very much in the flavor of what my book is all about. I am glad discussions of how to fit art into life are out there, the more ideas and support we give each other the better our lives as artistic mothers will be! So take a trip on over to Trudy's wonderful blog and say hi.


Completely unrelated - but this is super cute. The agony!


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