October 29, 2009

A mother's love

A few week ago I was doing everything - keeping house, homeschooling, listening to the girls constant chatter, going to the grocery store, the library, gymnastics, keeping up with my art and blog. I was beginning to get very tired.

Then Mum arrived. Sigh. She just fits in to our family so seemlessly. The kids adore her. She knows them so well. She has patience with them, but doesn't take any misbehavior. She makes sure they are washed, dressed, hairs brushed and ready for the day. She spends time with each of my kids. Every morning she goes walking or cycling with Lily, every evening she watches juggling videos with Matthew and every night she shares a bed with Laura who hates to be alone and is so much happier to be in the big red bedroom with her beloved granny.

And then there is Annie - Annie is a chatter box. I was having a hard time schooling the others with her constant (very cute, but distracting) talking. She wanted to do school too but being 3 1/2 she needs my one on one attention. I simply was not able to give it to her. Well, if having my mother here couldn't get any better, it did - she is schooling Annie for me. They take her pre-school books to the dining table (far away from us) every morning and afternoon. Annie is beside herself, and being such a good student. She is learning tons from the one-on-one attention. So she will be that much further on when Mum leaves in January.

Then there is the help she gives me - she does the dishes and has taken over the laundry and the trips to Kroger for food. It is like having 2 of me to do everything. But even more - she has helped me prepare for the baby. She washed all Max's clothes, the bassinet and play pen. She is as into nesting as I am!

Today she took Lily to gym and the little ones to the library. Then, as all good granny's do, she took them to Chick Fil A. Where was I? On the couch resting, working on the computer! Ah the life.

What a role model I have? My mother is a selfless servant. She loves with her hands and time and loyalty. It is priceless.

What does she get in return?

Lots of love.

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