October 22, 2009

baby update & big kids craft videos

Nesting has finally hit! Been moving, throwing out, assembling, washing. Last night I had 4 hours of Braxton Hicks that scared me into packing a hospital bag. Camera - check, Flip video - check, iPod - check, notebook - check, going home outfit for me - hmmmm kind of, going home outfit for Max - uh oh.... My mother has taken the girls out to Target to buy some clothes for the little guy. She has my debit card so she may be adding blankets and a bassinet... we got my old one out today and it is 1) girly and 2) grubby.

The girls are all wild and high, I am glad of a little peace in the house. They are twittering like, well, little girls excited about a baby to play with. I don't think it has really hit them that he will be asleep or nursing for the first few weeks. They think they will be carrying him around in the Ergo the day he arrives home!

Here are some cute craft videos that Lily and I watched today and will be trying (probably not today or tomorrow... but soon):

Seven Flowers. Awesome Pop Up - Click here for more home videos

Amazing Pop Up. Unbelievable Easy. Yellow Flower. - Watch more amazing videos here

How To Make A Paper Spring (And What To Do With It) - For more funny videos, click here


When I came down this morning Lily, 7, had made two of the paper spring cards all by herself!

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