October 16, 2009

Echo - Week 1 - Emerge #1

Susan Tuttle and Chrysti Hydeck are doing a bi-weekly photo collaboration. They invited folks to play along. Shannon Mucha and myself are always in need of a challenge or deadline so this was perfect timing for us! Shannon and I are not new to collaboration, we did a whole year of a project on the theme of motherhood that was recently published in Journaling by Somerset Studio.

The first theme is EMERGE. This photo is our first version. Shannon sent me a bunch of 'emerge' photos and I choose one of them that went with my emerge photo. I will then send her some back and she will do her own pairing too.

I took the photo on the right in Tymon park in Dublin of a sculpture by Linda Brunker. "The sculpture is named Cliabhán which means cradle in Irish and symbolizes the way in which an individual is held through the (adoption) counseling process."

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