Art cards and book news!

I have been working on a series of 'art a day' cards, each with a different theme. Committing to making a piece of art a day is really great way of keeping yourself accountable to doing something creative on a daily basis. They are quick and easy and very satisfying to make. I have made about 25 of these cards, OK I am cheating and have been doing more than one a night, but I have not skipped any days for the past 2 weeks. I love being productive.

I was going to work on putting some of the art cards together in a wall hanging this weekend, but Thursday I got another version of my book to proof! So I am working on that. My sweet husband has taken the kids to 7 Acres for the afternoon so I could work.

Let me brag a little: Marissa Bowers, who designed Kelly Rae's book Taking Flight, has done a superb job of the book design. The layout is clear and easy to follow. The color scheme is lovely - colorful but soothing with all the colors I told her I like. She and Christine Polomsky the photographer did a fab job of the beauty shots of the artwork I left them and of my contributors work. I am blown away.

As I can't yet reveal the book cover or inner pages, here is a preview of the book's color pallet.

It is amazing to see how much editing was needed for this book. Early in the process I had a lot of ideas and wrote and wrote and wrote. The book is 128 pages, which sounds like a whole bunch, but when you put my text into columns and add artwork and necessary blank space to let everything breath there is surprisingly little room left. Liz, my editor, has done an amazing job of chopping my long winded sentences down to fit in the space available. She was so measured in deciding what goes in and what gets thrown out. It is all very interesting and impressive. I am 3/4 way through proofing now, will be sending it back to Liz Monday, I just hope she can read my terrible handwriting!


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