Motherhood and art

Trudy and I got into a big discussion about motherhood and being an artist on Sunday after church. She has touched on many of the main thoughts over at her blog. She did a great job of summarizing the conversation, need I say more? Well yes, probably I should. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head, so many experiences and opinions. I never know which one to talk about here, so I end up speaking with photographs instead. They don't demand as much editing! Topics like the balance between self and service, the importance of creativity, how to fit it all in, prioritizing, art with children, use of time and so on... there is so much to say. Oh where to begin?

I have been writing a series of articles on topics like these and in general about motherhood and art for my new website. I am developing content that is both real and hopefully inspiring. I write the stuff that I wish I had heard when I first became a Mom 9 years ago. I am pretty excited about it. I am researching a web hosting company (is that even the right term?). I found one I like, but their templates are fairly plain. It may take me a while to get organized, in the meantime I am focusing on recording my ideas. It is like writing my book all over again!

I am also mulling over the idea of doing videos on the topic of motherhood and art to post here. A few folks that I have talked to in person have urged me to do it, that it will lend a sense of 'realness' to my blog. I was looking around at posts of artists or moms talking, just to get a flavor of what is already out there on the net and I found this great peek inside an Artistic Mother, Nina Gilbert's, home. She shows us how her creative space is set up so that she can do art alongside her 3 young children. I love how honest it seems, somehow video can really cut thorough to the essence of what the creator wants to say. I like that.

Other videos I have been enjoying are some 'how to' art videos by Robin-Marie a mixed media artist. We were off school yesterday in honor of my mother arriving and while she played with the little ones Lily and I watched all that Robin had to offer. It was fun and inspiring and a nice Lily and me time. We particularly liked this one on making art tags.

Altered Art Tags from Roben-Marie Smith on Vimeo.
It was interesting to see how much time she spent on the tag and I gotta get some of that Adirondack Color Wash spray ink by Ranger.
I am also thinking about doing some how to videos like these, I would just have to get use to the sound of my own voice on video! Of course, I could do music over ones like this one of Robin-Marie's.

Watch the Process ~ Feeling Free from Roben-Marie Smith on Vimeo.

So these things are in the boiler at the moment, along side of course homeschooling my 4 kids, preparing for Max's arrival (just a couple of weeks now!), taking photographs and doing my mixed media art. Can I do it all? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


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