Play today

So I have made it this far, Max's actual due date! I feel great, like someone has given me a shot of adrenalin. Good thing as we are having a Reformation Festival at our house today. It is the 4th year it has run and a highlight of our year. As I type folks are setting up activity and craft booths, and an art show which runs all day and features the art of both kids and adults from our small, but artsy church. Later in the day will be a music concert by the pond featuring the original music of some of our songwriters. Most everyone wears Medieval costumes and eats lots of sausage on a stick and candy.

The sun is shining, my kids are excited, I have on my costume, I am going out to play.

Some images from last years festival (note, the third photo down is my friend Trudy from Sewing with Trudy)


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