Studios - a must for Moms

On February 23 Cloth Paper Scissors 'Studios' will be in stores. It is available for pre-order now.

If you are an artsy crafty Mom YOU HAVE TO GET THIS magazine. While the magazine on the whole will be wonderful and inspiring ~ I have not seen the rest of it, only this section: there is an article, written by Jenn Mason which I contributed to, called 'Kids in the studio'. I am telling you, it is fabulous. The photos are all of my art studio taken by Shannon Mucha. She did an awesome job, thank you Shan.

I love that the whole discussion of Moms doing art while kids are around is getting some attention. Our kids are such a huge part of our lives, sometimes it is hard to separate the two parts of us - the mom and the artist. There are the intellectual and emotional concepts, but also the practical considerations too. In this Cloth Paper Scissors publication Jenn did a wonderful job of fleshing out the practicalities of kids being in your art studio. I know I still have young kids, but I wish I could have read this years ago and been prepared!


Check back in tomorrow for another collage related tutorial. It is a fairly simple project that I did with my kids and I will show you how :)


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