Swiftness of time

Anyone with children will be moved by this blog post by Ann Voskamp, sent to me by my friend Amy (a beautiful artistic soul who takes awesome photos of the life around her).

I can totally relate to this post - I so experience the mourning for what my children once were. I even look at the photos of Max only 2 months ago, how small he was and think about how I will never hold that tiny little guy again. I love him as he is now but miss who he was. I am guilty of being greedy for my children.

I miss the days of Matthew and I all alone going to Kroger, pointing out the colors of the flowers and fruits, the noise of the truck wheels - his deep interest in and concentration on his world.
I miss my Lily, who was such a good baby, so round and pretty and earnest.
I miss my Laura when she cut off a huge clump of her long hair and Shannon turned the mess into the cutest little pixie do, she was so naughty and she made me so mad, but now that I could go back and not be mad at her...
And then there is Annie Rose, ah my sweet almost 4 year old....

ahh, my sweet Annie Rose.

I love that there is something of who they were in who they are now.

I am so blessed to have these children, can I announce that out loud?

I cherish these days.

These days will not come again, but are still a part of me. Check out Ann's post for some lovely words and gentle music!


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