Thoughts for the Haitians

I can't imagine what the people of Haiti are experiencing right now. I was putting nail polish on Annie's toes this morning and wondering what mother is clawing at rubble to find her baby, knowing she is dead.

But for the Grace of God go I.


When I first heard about it my thoughts went to my friend Cara who has adopted two little boys from a Haitian oprhanage. I checked her Facebook and found that fortunately the orphanage is still standing, but unsafe.

She also suggested, in this heart felt post, a tangible way we could help:

Cara wrote "Dear facebook friends, Imagine being trapped alive beneath a heavy sea of crumbled concrete and bent steel. Thousands of Haitian children and adults are in such a position at this very moment after yesterday's devastating earthquake. Thankfully, our boys' orphanage did not collapse, and the children and employees are safe. Still, the building needs to be examined for structural integrity, and there are cracks to repair. The kids are currently being cared for in an open area in a house across the street from the O. Please consider a donation to Three Angels Children's Relief to help with current needs and those that are sure to surface in coming weeks as the full extent of the damage is realized. If all of my fb friends sent $10 each we'd raise $4,000. Please, you will never miss 10 bucks. Donations to TACR are tax deductible. Thank you." (my emphasis)

Here is the link to Three Angels Relief. Here is the link to donate online. Cara and her husband have been involved with this agency and trust them. The funds will make it to the people of Haiti. The funds can help with supplies and supporting the people who are going to help rebuild and care for the survivors.


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