My first Wishstudio article published!

Last summer I found this lovely place. A place filled with lovely women all striving to be better - better at living, better at using their creative gifts, better at being moms and friends and women. Every post has resonated with me, it is as if I am in a room of like minded people all talking about things I am interested in.

Mindy of Under a Pink Sky has created this lovely, searching, happy place for women to go. It is called 'Wishstudio: an inspiring community for creative women'.

Today my first post as a contributor to the Wishstudio was posted. My column is all about being an artful momma! My favorite topic! The first musing is called 'What kind of artistic mother are you?' I am so delighted to be a part of the discussion. Excited, honored and blessed. I hope you, visitor to An Artful Life, join in too! The more the merrier.

Please go on over to the Wishstudio and visit and let me know your thoughts.


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