Write your own fairytale! & Saturday giveaway #17

This week I made something for my little girls. It is a cross between three projects in my book, The Artistic Mother - the Altered storybook, p96; the Fairy Finding Box, p108 and the Poetry Box p120.

It is an interactive 'Story Box'!  

Step 1
I altered the interior of a cigar box with some of the coolest rubber stamps I got from Stampington - The Carved Hand stamps by Colette Copeland and some background papers that I made  (p68 of my book) or here. I created collages by layering other scrapbook type papers, trimmed stamp images, the painted papers and some canvas.  I decorated not only the interior of the box, but also the lid.

Step 2
Inspired by the stamps, I wrote a quick children's story. I printed it out onto white paper and formatted it into a book. I stamped some of 'The Carved Hand' stamps on the pages opposite the words.

Then using the same stamps and background papers I turned some cardboard into the cover of the book. Then assembled the book in it's cover.

Step 3
Lastly I made 2 little puppets by stamping the images onto cardboard and gluing them to some dowels (I stamped on the dowels).

The point of all this is when you are reading the story to your child they can play with the box & puppets! The box can become a backdrop to the story and they can act out the story with the puppets!

Here is my Annie Rose, 4 doing just that as I read to her (photography by Lily, 8, thanks sweetie):


For this week's giveaway I made:

1) ATC notebook

2) Another ATC notebook

The winners are:

1) Sofia of Cherry on Top, she lives in Greece!

2) Andrea of Andrea creates.

The first one to contact me will get her choice of notebook! Let's talk via email, I can get your address and put your prize in the mail.

This only one more of these giveaways in the month of May. We are off to visit my family in Ireland in June & July (more details on the how, why and what about that trip in later posts) and probably won't be crafting much. I will be doing another Follower's giveaway in AUGUST, so sign up as a follower (man, I wish they would come up with a better term than 'follower', even 'member' or 'friend' or 'visitor'... or more appropriate 'like minded' ;) and you are automatically entered.


2 recent places to find me on the internet:

1) Diva Craft Lounge, podcast!!! I really don't like how I sound.... who does?

2) The Wishstudio - I have a post there this week about living with vision (and I am not talking about eyes :)

Have a lovely weekend!


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