Drawing with children

I like to use my own photos and words in my art work and I have been wanting to include more of my own drawings too. Drawing - another huge skill based art form that I want to add to my collection of interests!!! I have only 24 hours in the day, I simply can't take on another load ~ so I have been incorporating my own sketching into my kids schooling.

Basically, when they do drawing, so do I.

Our 'sketching' time doesn't usually last that long, the kids work fast and are usually pleased with what they draw. I don't want to push too much 'right and wrong' ways to draw on them as they are so young. Over the past months we did some exercises from the book 'Drawing with Children' and I let those lessons be the big baddie with rules and how tos. So when we sketch I remind them to look for line and shape and all but don't correct them when they feel they are done. Just by doing the drawing we have been improving. Here is a quick sketch I did the other day with the kids, it is not at all finished, nor will it be, but the act of sketching is helping train my eye as it does theirs.

So even if I have only a few minutes a week to sketch I like that I am working on a new skill. And eventually I would like to get to the point that I can include my own drawings in my collage work. I could even make stamps out of my drawings, oh now that is an idea!!!


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