Maximus eats!

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Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the 'when to feed Max solids' last week. I was surprised to hear some folks say not to start with cereal! I have always done that first. So after deliberating the food issue all weekend I bought one little jar of sweet potatoes for Maximus.  I still didn't have a plan on when to feed him, our schedule is so hectic and dinner time so loud that it never seemed the right time.

Then last night I decided on a whim to try it out! He was sitting in his stroller in the hall between the kitchen and the dining room. We were just back from a family walk, Annie was in the bath, the big kids were listening to music in the living room. I was cleaning the kitchen and Maximus was starting to get a little fussy. So to distract him I grabbed the jar, poured a little into a dish and off we went.

Of course my whim turned into a big event, even the dogs joined in! Everyone gathered around and had a go feeding Max sweet potatoes. And he loved it! He is the first of my kids to not pucker up at the odd, new taste and texture.

I don't know if I will keep it up. After feeding him I remembered how messy and time consuming it is. And I would have to get the high chair out of the attic and all. But he did so love the sweet potatoes!

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